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4 Oct
How to make bath-time more enjoyable for little ones

When designing a bathroom that is family friendly, whether specifically for the children or a shared space, there are many things to consider to ensure it is a comfortable, safe and fun environment. Bath-time can be a particularly difficult time of the day, especially with cranky children – so here we have considered a few ways to make the space child-friendly, ensuring safety is a top priority.


Experimenting with tiles is a great way to inject personality into the bathroom. They are available in a variety of colours and patterns, and subtly incorporating them into the overall design will mean that they will compliment that bathroom for the long term.

Be sure to consider fully tiled walls where back-splashing is most likely. This is typically where children may wash their hands, or the surroundings of the bathtub. Insufficient tiling and frequent unknowing splashing of the walls can lead to them becoming soggy, damaging paint work.


An immediate priority when designing a child’s bathroom is safety. A bathroom can be a potentially dangerous space, with numerous hazards to consider.

Substance storage:

One of the biggest risks is children accessing dangerous substances, including cleaning products such as bleach. Therefore, careful consideration of out-of-reach storage options is vital. As out-of-reach cabinets are not always possible, there are numerous types of easy-to-use locks available.


Hot water burn is not only extremely painful, but it can also leave a permanent scar on the skin. This can be avoided by keeping tub-shower controls out of kids’ reach. Sinks and showers can also be fitted with anti-scaled protective devices.


The most common accidents that occur within the bathroom are slips and falls. To make the bathroom child-friendly, the floor should be kept dry, and non-skid mats – both inside in and outside of the bathtub – is a good preventative measure. A textured floor tile will also work to prevent slipping.


If your tiles are fairly plain, the perfect way to incorporate colour and fun into the design is to accessorise. Think coloured towels, containers, mirrors, and light fittings. If you are feeling more experimental, you could theme your design: for example, floral prints, or the seaside.


Children often have a lot of items in the bathroom, from bath toys and special soaps through to toothbrushes and hooded towels. Allocating adequate space for these items will not only help prevent accidents in the bathroom – as everything is correctly stored – but it will also make cleaning easier for parents. Storage is available in various funky and fun designs, whether they are animal shaped, or just a collection of varied coloured boxes.

Also, don’t forget hooks. Assigning children a hook for their towels will introduce them to responsibility, whilst making washing duties easier.


If the bathroom is shared with adults, it is likely that counters and bathtubs may be too high. A solution to this problem is to simply give them a boost – a simple step stool is a great way to introduce some colour into the room.

Also, consider a hand-held shower head with extra piping – this will make it easier to wash children’s hair, whilst also making cleaning the tub easier.

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